Once your website is online, you can just sit back and relax, right?

Not quite. The contents of your website will change over time…you will need to let your audience know what will be happening in the future…or get their feedback on a certain product, issue or event.

We can help you maintain your website…by showing you how to do it..and how to do it properly. Our work is not done until after we can walk away from a project knowing that our client is quite capable of taking care of their new baby.

Once we’ve shown you the basics of WordPress (and more), you will:

  • Stop using Google as a training manual.
  • Put away your copy of “WordPress for Dummies”.

Of course, if you need more specialized and in-depth training to be able to do more on WordPress, we’d be more than happy to develop a specialized training course for you and your organization based on your needs.